One day in Rhodes

Our vessel docked in Rhodes around 7AM on June, 6th, 2012.  It was a sunny day.

Rhodes viewed from the ship

The Port of Rhodes is located very close to the Old Town of Rhodes, so,  there is no need of  any kind of transportation or “ship excursions”.   All you have to do is disembark from the ship and walk through the ancient doors in the walled the city.

Just disembarked. Time to get to know Rhodes


No need to go on an excursion in Rhodes. Everything is close by.

The Island of Rhodes is located in the Aegean Sea and is famous for the Colossus of Rhodes,one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  The waters are crystalline  and when we look into the ocean is like looking to a pure glass of mineral water. Awesome!

Pebbled beaches with crystalline waters


“Boat shop”, selling everything from the sea

The city became a part of the empire of Alexander the Great in 332BC. Rhodes belonged to different empires along the years and in 1309 the Byzantine era came to an end.
Rhodes was occupied by the Knights Hospitalier.  The city was rebuilt by the “Knights of Rhodes”  in a model of the European medieval plan.  The Palace of the Grand Master was built during this period.
The strong walls were built by the Knights and they were important to protect the city during the attacks of the Sultan of Egypt and a siege by the Ottomans.
Rhodes Inside-2.jpg
The floor is really interesting in Rhodes. Many paths are covered with pebbles forming beautiful designs. There are plants, animals, boats and other figures. Pay attention to the floor when walking along this beautiful town! 🙂

Must see attraction: The Palace of the Grand Master

Rhodes Palace-3.jpg

Wonderful mosaic floors @ Palace of Grand Master

Rhodes Palace-4.jpg

Thick doors at Palace of Grand Master

Rhodes Palace-7.jpg

Patio @ Palace of  Grand Master

After leaving the palace we went to visit the small stores that sell all kinds of Greek art and cute objects.
Rhodes Canada-1.jpg

Wearing the favorite t-shirt: Canada, Canada, Canada!  🙂

Great day in Rhodes! We loved it!
Rhodes returning-1.jpg

Returning to the ship

ship dinner-1.jpg

Onboard, ready for dinner! 🙂

Do not miss my  Rhodes’ best pictures!  Please visit my Flickr gallery clicking here

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