One day in beautiful Mikonos

We docked in Mykonos on Friday, June, 8, 2012 with perfect deep blue skies and no clouds. The temperature was very pleasant as there was a constant breeze coming from the sea.

This was the 8th day of our cruise along the Mediterranean. To read since day #1 please click here. To read about our previous port of call in Turkey, please click here.


Just arrived on Mikonos Island

The pier terminal is  near the city center (called Chora). There is no need for transportation:  Your own feet will be more than enough.  🙂



One thing that you notice as soon as you got there was the water. I guess we never saw such an intense blue.


Our shadows and crystalline waters


Island Map

As soon as we disembarked we saw a big map showing the island. Being on a cruise, we didn’t have time to explore other parts of Mykonos. We stayed,  basically, around the “main city center”  (Chora).


A typical and beautiful Orthodox Greek Church

Next time we will stay one week or more. This will be a good opportunity to explore  everything Mykonos has to offer!

We saw  beautiful yachts (not as many as we see in the Caribean) but anyway… the “beautiful people” was there. 🙂

Mikonos Yachts-1.jpg

Beautiful yachts docked

I don’t know the reason (no taxes?) as most of the yachts were from Bikini Island.  I guess Bikini must be some kind of tax-heaven?


Dog traveling in style.

Talking about style...   yeah!  There is a Louis Vuitton store on Mykonos!

Vuitton Mikonos-1.jpg

Louis Vuitton, Mikonos

I don’t know who could possibly think of buying a purse having all sun & sea around…  Mykonos is a place for buying drinks, not purses!  🙂

It was a lovely day spent at the gorgeous island of Mykonos.   We plan to return and see it with more detail.  This was one of our favorite ports during the cruise!

Mikonos Views-1.jpg
Mikonos Views-2.jpg

On the far left hand side of the above picture, the top of the mountain is all white. Looks like snow, but in fact they are houses all painted white. Pretty cool! 🙂

Mikonos Views-3

The windmills are one of the most important landmarks

Mikonos Views-4

Mikonos’ windmills

From the windmills we continued walking to a nice small beach. Pretty, although really small.

Mikonos has dozens of taverns where it’s possible to drink great Greek wines and taste traditional food. We went in one that was by the sea and everything was really fresh and delicious.

It was a lovely day spent at the gorgeous island of Mykonos.   We plan to return and see it with more detail.  This was one of our favorite ports during the cruise!

Mikonos Departure-1.jpg

Leaving Mikonos on our way back to Italy

Back to the ship we took this picture just a few minutes after departure.


If you click here, you will visit my Flickr gallery and will able to see more pictures I took while visiting Mikonos.


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