What to see in Capri in one day

June 9th, 2012 was  a “sailing day”.  As we would not visit any port, it was a day to rest and enjoy the ship’s activities.

Most of the time we stayed by the pool.  The day was  simply….  gorgeous!  I kept my Nikon D90 resting in our cabin, so I don’t have any pictures of this “all day sailing”.

Anyway,   you can see many pictures of this beautiful ship reading my previous posts.

On June 10th  we arrived at Napoli, in Italy.   The day was cloudy and foggy.  We couldn’t see Mont Vesuvius as only a very small part of it was appearing in the middle of the clouds.

Napoli arrival-1.jpg

Compare with the picture below and see it changed for worse

It’s a kind of magic return to a place where we have been many years before!  Wow…  Napoli has changed a LOT  (for worst, in my opinion!).   Look to the  above showing the Castle and a giant parking lot.

Now…. look to the picture  below and see Napoli (and ME !!!  haha) many years ago!!!  The sea at that time was almost touching the Castle


That’s me in Napoli, in 1975.

The views of Capri arriving from the sea were way prettier than now!!!

Disembark was fast and in a few minutes we were at the ferry terminal which is located at the side of the Passenger’s Terminal).   We planned to go to Capri.

The ferry linking the two towns takes approximately 50 minutes (by fast ferry boat) and cost approximately 20 €  each, one way.


We just got on Capri


The pier was packet with tourists


Our excursion around Capri Island

Our  excursion around the  island  was amazing.

The plan was to enter inside the “Blue Grotto”,  “if conditions permit”.

Of course, listening to this at the time we were entering the boat meant (to my ears) that “you will not get inside the Blue Grotto”.  LOL

It is amazing how some tourist operators like to cheat travelers…

I had no expectation in entering. It would be good if we could, but that didn’t represented a “big deal” for me. We had been there before and we had already got inside the Blue Grotto which was amazing, by the way.

Anyway, the motor boat tour around the island was great and, as expected, some tourists complained with pilot for not getting inside the blue cave.  The reply was it was impossible to enter due to “adverse sea conditions and high tides”.

When we arrived from the boat tour we took the funicular to Anacapri.
Capri Top-1.jpg

Here we are! In the funicular on our way to Anacapri.

Capri Top-2.jpg

The funicular vowed from its own mirror.




Every tourist takes this picture: Tiled “carpet” displaying Capri Island’s map


Gorgeous views of the sea

Anacapri More-1.jpg

Anacapri nice alleys.

Anacapri More-2.jpg

Cheese and wine

After walking along Capri‘s charming alleys we returned to Capri‘s pier and from there we got on the speed-ferry back to Napoli in order to reembark in our ship.

Farewell dinner onboard was  nice and everyone was happy.  Our waiters were very friendly and got excellent reviews from us.

The show at Equinox Theatre was good, but as I have said before,  the shows were not as good as the shows on our Alaskan cruise three years ago, with the same cruise company.

We arrived at Civitavecchia on the next day (June, 12th) early in the morning. Our flight would happen at night but we preferred to go directly to the airport than pay almost 400.00 USD to stay in the public areas   of the ship, as the cabins would be  closed so the crew could clean them for the next passengers.

Our driver from “Antonio and Son”  was waiting for us.  We accomodate our luggage in the large Mercedes’ trunk and went straight to the airport. Total transfer cost was 120€  for the two of us.

Rome airport  is not as terrible as Brazil‘s airports  but….  it is not comfortable at all! Awful chairs and few options for buying food.

We flew Alitalia to São Paulo and we didn’t like it at all!  Terrible.

The Alitalia people at the airport were rude. Although the plane looked brand new, regarding design and comfort, the seats were the worst ever.  The food was  just “ok” .

Disembark in São Paulo was painful due to few luggage carousels.  São Paulo’s airport is  better than Rio’s,  but its terrible anyway. In my opinion, Brazilian airports are the worst in the world.

Back to Brazil it was time to watch our valuables, have patience to fight traffic jams and….  pray to leave soon!!!

Do you want to see other pictures I took in Capri?  Please visit my gallery on Flickr clicking here 

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