Best day ever! Moving to Canada!

In April 2010, when our daughter “S”  told us she would get married, we became  free to finally leave Rio.  We could move anywhere we like!  Awesome!

We applied for the Canadian Permanent Resident Visa and although it is a lengthy process it worths the waiting!

So… on October 2012, after more than two years waiting the immigration process,  we had the WONDERFUL news that our application had reached an end, was successful and we were accepted as Permanent Residents of Canada!

Wow!!!  What a HAPPY DAY it was!!! For sure one of the happiest days of our lives.

We bought our tickets to fly within Air Canada.  We had a great flight: Air Canada was simply…. PERFECT!!!  We flew on October, 30th, 2012. From Rio to São Paulo and from there to Toronto.

Arriving in Vancouver-1.jpg

Vip lounge at the airport waiting for our flight to Canada

We flew Air Canada First because it’s a really long flight: Eleven hours from São Paulo to Toronto and after that, five more to Vancouver.

October 31st, 2012

When we arrived in Toronto, on October 31st 2012,  we went directly to immigration,  to perform the “landing process” , where an officer fills all paperwork we  were bring with us from the Canadian Consulate in Brazil.  This took less than 10 minutes.

Our Permanent Resident Cards  (the equivalent to the American Green Cards) would be sent by mail in approximately 8 weeks.After the “landing process”  we went to Customs to have the forms stamped.

We had 2 lists with us:  the “goods accompanying”  and the  “goods to follow”. As you can read on a previous post, we have a lot of stuff inside a storage space in the USA, like skis, bikes, winter clothes, etc.

Having the forms filled and stamped will let us bring our stuff without paying importing taxes, provided we bring them during the next twelve months.

After this we were cleared to go to the gate in order to wait to our flight to Vancouver.   The flight from Toronto to Vancouver takes approximately four and a half hours and it was a pleasant flight as well.


Best day ever! Arriving in Vancouver Airport to live here forever and ever!

When we arrived  in the beautiful Vancouver airport,  we took a cab to our hotel located near Coal Harbor, my favorite place in Vancouver.

Carmana Hotel is excellent,  with living room, real kitchen with large refrigerator,  king size bed in the bedroom, en suite bathroom, separated dinner area,  storage space and gorgeous views from the 16th floor!  The kitchen came completed with dishwasher, microwave, lots of  utensils although I didn’t have intention to cook until finding “our place”! 🙂

After dropping our luggage at the hotel, we took a shower and went straight to Sinclair Centre in order to apply for our SIN Cards (Social Identification Number).  This is the equivalent to the American SSN  (Social Security Number).  It took less than 15 minutes!

Everything is perfectly organized here in Canada!  🙂

From Sinclair Centre we stopped by HSBC to unlock our Canadian debit cards (they were sent by HSBC to our address in Rio but they needed to be unlocked before use).  The lady that took care of us was very friendly and in a few moments we had everything settled.

Wow, what a country!!!  Everything works extremely fine in Canada!

As everything is close by,  we went to visit Canada Place again. It has been already three years since our past visit.  🙂

We went to have lunch at Guu, a Japanese restaurant pretty close to our hotel. The food was excellent and the price was unbeatable: 26 dollars, for the two of us!  🙂 Simple place, excellent food, nice service and nice prices. Can we ask for anything else?   🙂

We went to buy prepaid sim cards to our mobile phones.  We bought from Fido. 

Even being tired I found some energy to look for apartments.  I was reading Craigslist for a long time but it is easier when we are around,  so it’s possible to book visits.

I send a couple of emails and got some answers.  I schedule a viewing for 2.30pm on Thursday and another for 2pm on Friday.

Time to go to sleep after so many things happening in just one day!  🙂

The bed at Carmana Hotel  is FANTASTIC.   Super hyper comfortable. We slept like angels! 🙂


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