New home in Vancouver

We were very luck to love the first apartment we visited in Vancouver! It’s difficult to find an apartment here as there are few units and many people looking for a place to live.

This was a new ad on Craigslist and the unique “problem” was that the unit was still occupied and would vacate 30 days later. For us, this would mean to live in the hotel during one month! Not bad because the hotel room was an apartment, big enough and with all appliances but… it would cost a lot of money. As we really loved the apartment, we accept it, even moving thirty days later.

Great he? We just had to visit one single apartment, located a few meters distant from the hotel where we were staying and… found our love nest! 🙂  Thanks all Saints for that! 🙂

Carmana Hotel front desk is professional and friendly. We had to have our documents photocopied in order to apply for Medical Insurance. We did everything we needed without leaving the hotel lobby!

The post office is around the corner. Located in the back of a souvenir store there’s the small balcony with a friendly lady.  This is a very smart way to have a post office! Using a store that already exists! On the other hand, in Brazil they spend a lot of money to construct huge agencies, that cost a lot of money.

Our health insurance form was sent to the Health Department of British Columbia and it takes two months to receive the health cards.

We had lunch at a MARVELOUS place called Miyako.  It is  very simple restaurant with awesome food. The restaurant is huge and had  all tables occupied. We got on the waiting line and waited.

The price was awesome  (30 dollars for the two of us!!!).  This is definitely a place we will return! The address is:  W Pender  Street, 829.

I was so happy with the last events that it was tough to get some sleep during the night!  It is unbelievable how life changes from one day  to the other!  Two weeks ago I was not sleeping because I was worried if we would get the Visas or not…. now I am not sleeping because my heart  isn’t big enough to handle all the happiness! 🙂

We walked to Coal Harbour Marina and  took the Seawall path to Stanley Park.  The trees are with all shades of yellow, red, light and dark brown.


Vancouver is not a city. Vancouver is heaven.

Vancouver City-1.jpg

Vancouver icon: Informally called “Crooked House on Stilts”, LightShed by Liz Magor was installed in 2004 and was a gift to the city.

I took many pictures and I am glad we live in the digital era.  Living in a place like Vancouver in the “old times”, having to buy film rolls, pay for processing and  pay for printing would, for sure, make me poor.  I can not stop clicking!!!  It is addictive !!!

Vancouver has each corner  prettier than the former.  Every tree is prettier than the other. The animals stay still, looking to us as saying: “Aren’t you going to take a picture of me?”

Vancouver Animals-1.jpg
Vancouver Fall-1.jpg

Prettiest city in the world: Vancouver


This is my heart! This is Vancouver!



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Milestone Restaurant is also an awesome place to eat! Located in front of beautiful English Bay, it’s a great place to eat!


Would you like to see more images I shoot today? Please visit my Flick gallery! All you have to do is click here!

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