First visit to Deep Cove Park. By bus.

We went to a Meetup hiking in North Vancouver.

The meeting point was at Deep Cove Park.

It was very simple to get there:  we took a bus just around the corner of our hotel and  went all way to a transfer station called Phibbs Exchange.  There we changed to another bus that took us directly to the Deep Cove Park.  The buses are very clean,  they run on time (the time schedule is fixed on the bus stops) and we found it great to go by bus!  It cost only CAD 3.75 each.

Deep Cove-1.jpg

Deep Cove

Deep Cove-2.jpg

The green roof is the place where the washrooms are located.  I went there and it was a pleasure to find they were extremely clean, with toilette paper, soap, everything.  At a public square!  How about that?

Deep Cove-3.jpg

Hiking to Gray Rock

Arriving there we met the group (approximately six people)  but they walked in a very fast pace so we said good bye to them and went on our own slow pace!

Deep Cove-10.jpg

There has been a while since we don’t go hiking, and we didn’t know the trail, while these people walk there every week! We didn’t  want to fall or to have a heart stroke, so we were in a slow pace to the top.  🙂

Deep Cove-4.jpg

Beautiful trail in an awesome forest

When we were almost arriving at the top (called  Grey Rock or also Quarry Rock),  the group was already returning.  It was very nice because they told us that we were “almost there” and we only  had to walk five more minutes or less to get to the top!  🙂

Deep Cove-6.jpg

Gray Rock

After some more steps we started to see the rocks!  COOL !!!


Screen Shot 2012-11-10 at 9.45.32 PM.png

This is the trail we went!  I have this app on my iPhone.  It is called walkmeter and I do recommend installing it.  It cost only USD 4,00 and gives useful information when you are walking, hiking or biking!

Thanks to my friend Rusty who told me about this App, instructing me  where I could buy and download it. 🙂

The trail is very beautiful, there are some very easy sections and others where it’s necessary to  pay attention not to get lost!

Deep Cove-9.jpg

We also must look to the trees, as once in a while there is an orange paper fixed on the bark, displaying the correct direction.

Deep Cove-5.jpg

Orange signs on the trees point to the correct direction.

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