Burnaby Lake: Paradise for nature lovers

burnaby-vancouver-1.jpgOn November 15 we went to Burnaby Lake.  It is a very pleasant  trip.  We took  the Skytrain from Waterfront Station to MetroTown  and from there we got on a bus.

All SkyTrains and buses have a sound system announcing the next stop as well as the final destination.   All bus stops have a post with the time schedule (better yet:  the buses DO RUN on time!).

The transit system in Vancouver is very well managed and it’s one of the best we have used so far.

An interesting thing: The skytrain doesn’t have a “driver”! The train runs by itself, controlled by a central station. It is cool to ride on the first car watching the views, seated where the  train operator would be seated!

Everything is clean (stations, sidewalks,  trains,  buses, etc).  It is safe and there are posts, maps, general information everywhere.  I don’t know about the rest of Canada, but I would  say it is impossible to get lost in Vancouver and places nearby! Really, really, wonderful!

Public School along the way to the lake. Gorgeous, he? Mountains on the background.

Burnaby Lake is just a  paradise for nature lovers!    The well signed path around the lake is ten km long.   There are billboard maps and also free paper maps inside  plastic containers. Just take one.  There are free and spotless clean washrooms.


Beautiful, peaceful. This is the trail to get to the lake.


Gorgeous Burnaby Lake


Burbaby Lake


burnaby-vancouver-15.jpgBirds are everywhere.   Wonderful birds!

Many salmon already dead.  Salmons come to the same place where they were born for spawning.   After spawning,  they die.  On the image you can see two dead salmons and some birds eating their meat while it’s still “fresh”.

The day was gorgeous:  Blue skies and mild temperatures.   I even took out my coat while we were walking.


Flying ducks: It’s awesome to watch them! 🙂



Clean toilets everywhere in Canada.


Observatory platform.


Trail around Burnaby Lake


Wooden path around the lake


Cariboo Dam 


Amazing trees. Look the size of this one! 


Cute duck. One of my favorites!

If you are visiting Vancouver and love birds and nature, I highly recommend you visit Burnaby Lake. You will have an amazing time there!

Besides being free, it’s a hot spot for photographer or people learning photography, as it’s possible to practice your skills with shutter speed, tripod use and so on.  There are dozens of photographers there, some of them looking professional with their long lenses.


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