Visiting Steveston Village, Richmond

Day trip to Steveston Village


We went to visit Steveston Village in Richmond.   Just  forty minutes away from Vancouver we found this charming village!

Getting there is simple and there are many free parking spots, as well as paid ones.

The village is super charming and after parking our car we went walking along the shore. It was really great!

Many interesting houses and factories from the beginning of the last century!  I was delighted to see how Canadians preserve their past.   It is very inspiring!

Steveston Village

Steveston Village

This is the cross walking at the main street. Look how creative they are, painting ropes instead of the traditional stripes. I loved that!

Steveston Village
Steveston Village

That’s me and my cameras!  It was quite an effort to carry all my gear around. I wish the day had a better light…   The light was “flat”  so  the pictures lack color contrast….

I am planning to return there in a beautiful day to watch dawn,  sunset  or even both.

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When you go to Steveston Village don’t miss the Fisherman’s Wharf: It’s interesting to watch  local fishermen selling their products. They sell the product directly from their boats and it is a delightful experience to walk around the pier.

Salmon Eggs)

Salmon eggs.  Beautiful, he?  I post this picture on a Photograph’s website and I received a lot of compliments that made me very happy!

There is an excellent Vietnamese restaurant in Steveston Village! It is easy to remember the name because it is called “Steveston Village Vietnamese Restaurant” .  Quite easy to remember, he?

Vietnamese Restaurant, Steveston VillageI hope you have a great time there!

If you want to see more pictures of Steveston Village please visit my gallery on Flickr clicking here



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