Architectural pictures: SFU Surrey Campus

SFU Surrey

SFU Surrey

If you live in Vancouver or are just visiting I highly recommend a visit to SFU Surrey Campus.

Located at Surrey Centre, it is easy to get there: Just get the Expo Line direction King George and get off the train at Surrey City Centre (this is one stop before King George).

You will see a super modern and tall building. It’s there!

There’s ample parking, in case you prefer  to drive (don’t! The sky train is the best way to get there).

Visit my board on Pinterest where you can have a preview of what is waiting for you!

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World Traveler ~ Photographer ~ Social Media Specialist ~ Tourism Vancouver Certified Specialist ~ Independent Tour Manager and Events Coordinator ~ Blogger ~ Architect & Interior Designer (in my previous life)
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2 Responses to Architectural pictures: SFU Surrey Campus

  1. Thaisa-Rio says:

    Wow wow wow. So beautiful place. I’m falling in love. To study here must be amazing.

    Entedi todo o inglês, fiquei contente. Quero mais.

    Boa semana, Cecília.


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