There’s no Mr. Klout over there!


After using many Social Media tools as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, etc some people get to know about Klout.

Who is Klout?

No!  It’s not a “who”! It is a “what”!

So… what is Klout?

Klout is a “thermometer”  that reflects your popularity over Social Media platforms.

As soon as you sign in on you start receiving updates about your social media performance. The more you connect with people, the more you engage with your friends and audience the higher your Klout.   Like President Obama: He  knows better than anyone else how  to engage with an audience. As you can guess, his Klout is almost 100%.

But…. don’t let Klout fools you!  Don’t write posts  on FB with the unique intent of receiving “likes” to increase your Klout.  Don’t send pointless twitters only to increase your Klout. Don’t take pictures and upload them on Instagram if you are not feeling inspired by the moment and all you want to do is to “show off” to…. increse your Klout!

Be genuine.  Be yourself.

Write or take pictures only to please your friends or yourself.   Post things on FB only to be nice to your friends without any other interest. Your friends are important and that is all that counts. Nothing more.

When  someone asks to marry you, or when you get pregnant, or when you are sick there is no “Mr. Klout”  or “Mrs Klout”  for you to call  to tell your good news or to ask for help.

No Mr. Klout or Mrs. Klout will call you either, to ask how are you feeling.

Forget Klout scores  and live your live.

If you are good in what you do, popularity will come naturally!

Good luck!

About CeciliArchitect

World Traveler ~ Photographer ~ Social Media Specialist ~ Tourism Vancouver Certified Specialist ~ Independent Tour Manager and Events Coordinator ~ Blogger ~ Architect & Interior Designer (in my previous life)
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2 Responses to There’s no Mr. Klout over there!

  1. beacanada says:

    You are totally right, if we do things thinking about our popularity, they will sound very artificial… nothing better than be ourselves. 🙂


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