Sea Safari along Howe Sound


If you live in Vancouver or nearby villages I have a tip to you:  Go on a Sea Safari!

A Sea Safari is a two hours trip  on a inflatable power boat along the Howe Sound. It is a really cool experience for everyone!

We got a good deal buying a Groupon with a 50%  discount rate. Instead of paying the regular price of $83.00 per adult we paid  $41.00 each! What a good deal is was!

The tour departs from Sewell’s Marina,  located at Horseshoe Bay.  It’s  very close to the Ferry Terminal.  From the main square of Horseshoe Bay Village you will see the ferries arriving and departing.

There are a lot of parking spaces near Sewell’s Marina  and it was easy to find a spot for our car $6.00 (for the whole day).

We got the 1PM tour on a beautiful sunny day.

CT-HoweSound-2From Horseshoe Bay Park you can admire ducks and  swans along the water. You can grab a snack and enjoy the views while you wait for your boat trip.

Before embarking on the power boat you will receive an orange inflatable vest that you can use over your clothes. They also will lock your belongings if you choose not to take them with you (it is better to keep your backpack, purse, etc locked in their office otherwise… they WILL get wet!).

  • Do not forget to have a plastic bag for your camera.  This is mandatory!

The trip is really interesting, we saw Lions Mountain with its peak still covered by snow. Many marine animals,  with cute harbor seals!  We also saw many exotic  birds and gorgeous landscapes. There are beautiful lighthouses along the way  and  multimillion dollar houses as well!


Howe Sound is very deep and it was very polluted in the past. Our guide told us that a huge effort has been made by the Government in order to clean the water from the heavy metals that were disposed there.  The only thing that could be changed is the logging along the Sound. Our guide explained  that many wild animals receive the impact of companies that work with logging along the water and it would be good if these companies moved away in order to preserve Howe Sound.

CT-HoweSound-10Exotic birds on an Island that is a bird sanctuary.


If you would like to see more pictures from our Sea Safari in Vancouver please visit my Flick Gallery

The sea was very calm but our guide managed to run the boat in circles in order to create waves. She also cut behind a ferry that just passed so we could have the feeling of “troubled waters”!


Howe Sound

The views are really gorgeous and I do recommend you visit the Flickr Gallery to see more!


Howe Sound

If you are looking for a great opportunity to  enjoy the outdoors, this is your chance!

After the Sea Safari we went to have lunch at Oliver & Anchor.  I do NOT recommend this place!  It was 3.30pm, there were three empty tables in the veranda and the hostess said that she only could accommodate us at the end of the salon. We said that this option didn’t interest us and when we were about to leave she said we could seat at the veranda. (?)

We asked for two beers while we decided what to eat. The waitress came, took notes of what we would eat and went away. After some minutes she came to our table with ketchup, pepper etc.  Four minutes later she went to our table again and took the ketchup and pepper away. Four minutes later, with our glasses half full  and without eating anything (as the food did not arrive yet), she brought our bill! Can you believe this?  Receive the check for payment BEFORE the food? She was so distracted that she mentioned “you didn’t use the cutlery!” OF COURSE NOT… we did not eat!

When we mentioned this  she excused herself,  took away the bill and brought (again) the catchup and the pepper.

After a while she brought the food to the table.  It was not bad, but… not tasty either.

I guess when it comes to restaurant you want to hear the answer for a question like this:

Would you return to Oliver & Anchor located at Horseshoe Bay? And I would reply to you:  “No, I  wouldn’t!”


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6 Responses to Sea Safari along Howe Sound

  1. David says:

    Hi Cecilia,
    Nice trip…and thanks for sharing with the internet community.
    Yes, I think you are not alone regarding to your review about “O&A” :
    I checked some reviews, although most ppl think the food there is good, some posted similar comment regarding to the rude servers behavior!!! Which is very bad to the restaurant reputations.

    Take care.
    Doesn’t like it
    Diner Review • Feb 18, 2013
    Baked oysters – Dropped by O&A one evening for some fish and chips….The food was excellent however my server was not! She was kind enough to me, but I overheard her talking down to the other staff. Being a fellow restaurant owner I would never allow this type of behaviour. It seems like she doesn’t want to be there at all. Great spot and menu, this experience could have been better, but we felt uncomfortable. Other patrons were also aware of this exchange of words, I hope this note will encourage attitude adjustment.



    • Thanks David!
      I absolutely agree. Sometimes, it’s better a “so & so” food with excellent and friendly service than an excellent food (which was not the case) with arrogant receptionists and a waitress totally unprepared for the function…
      I hope to have more luck next time (at a different place!)


  2. Great Pictures! This really look like a very good experience!


    • Thanks Carolina!
      Yes, it is a very special place! It was interesting to learn (during the excursion) that Howe Sound was carved when a huge glacier went from the mountains to the sea many many many years ago.


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