Driving in the Alps. Getting scared from Austria to Switzerland.

We had an early breakfast in our hotel in Bad Gastein. We  checked-out just after it.

The weather was good and we followed the instructions of our Garmin GPS.

Our plan was to drive from Bad Gastein to Lenzerheide, our new destination, this time traveling from Austria to Switzerland.

On the previous night I searched viamichelin.com for the best route  but…. when  our Garmin GPS (attached to the car’s windshield) gave instructions to turn left on Lend,  I followed it instead of keeping on route 311 (direction of Zell am See) as I have read  on the Michelin’s website.

Boy……. that was TOUGH.

The GPS’ route went  up…  and up…..  and up….  and it was getting narrow with dozens of sharp bends.  Welcome to the Alp’s countryside.

It was beautiful, I am not denying it. But…  I was so scared of driving there that I couldn’t enjoy  the scenery  properly!

We crossed many small  Austrian villages, most of them small winter resorts.
Lenzerheide-1Driving  through the Alps:   From Austria to Switzerland

After almost one hour driving we saw a big yellow sign written in German. Of course we could not understand the meaning,  but some “interior voice”  told me that the road would be closed a couple of  kilometers away.

After  passing by a huge parking lot  where  dozens of cars were parked,  with people going out for hiking, we continued and…..

As expected, after  a couple of kilometers, there was a sign on  the road  where it was written: “Road CLOSED”!

I had to make an u-turn.  So did the big truck that was just behind us.

The problem was that the GPS kept telling us to go on “that” direction  (the closed road).

When I “disobeyed”  its orders, the unit  kept telling me to turn  left  and right and left on  small gravel roads in order to return to “that” specific road that was…closed! Holy Moly! 🙂

The only way to work things out was to turn off  the GPS and return to the last town we had crossed.

There, at a small shop, we found a nice girl who was fluent in English.  She searched on her mobile phone and told us the town we could go in order to get close to the autobahn  was Bischofen.

We wrote Bischofen on our Garmin GPS, went there,  and from  Bischofen we got  to A10 (the modern Austrian freeway).  The autobahn is perfect, we had only a few “pee stops”  and  some quick checks on  the bikes that were  hanging on the leased  car.

After driving, driving and driving (one and a half hour  had passed) we were……. at the same road where we started after leaving Bad Gastein!   LOL

We “lost” 1.30 hours driving around a pass and returning to the same point ! Holy Moly!

Anyway, it was kind  of an “experience”….   LOL

The trip that could have  taken originally 5 hours was now with a 6.30 hours duration schedule,  plus the minutes of our brief stops along the way…

Till Chur (Switzerland)  the road is large and  almost flat. After Chur…. on the way up to Valbella…….. oh my God… it IS steep !

Many bends, most of them shaped like a “Z” . They  never end! I was scared, I must admit.

We knew the roads could be tricky  because we have been to Chur before ( a couple of years ago, on our way to Arosa).

I would say that the road from Chur to Valbella is almost the same “scaring grade” as the road from Chur to Arosa, although driving in summer is much easier than in winter!

Lenzerheide-2View  from our room in Lenzerheide

We arrived safely in Lenzerheide,  parked our car and stretched our legs (mine a little bit shaken, haha).

As soon as we checked in at the  hotel,  a heavy fog covered everything around us! It looks like the skies were just waiting  for our  arrival!  🙂

We had dinner at the hotel (DELICIOUS) and I had a 500 ml beer just because…… I deserved it! 🙂

I took some pictures from our bedroom window and called it a day.

Well… a big day…I have to admit!  🙂

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