14 Nights Cruise – Iceland, Faroe Islands and Norway – Flam (part 4 of the trip)

Flam, Norway

Flam, Norway

Flam is  a tiny little place with many shops selling touristy items.  Looks like the main attraction is to  ride the train  along Flam railway.

We didn’t buy train tickets for Flam railway. I have researched Tripadvisor before taking the cruise and many reviews stated that it was not the smartest thing to do.

We have been on  cog trains  many times before: We went three times to the “Top of Europe“, to the fabulous Jungfraujoch, not only  in winter but in summer as well.

We also visited Schynige Platte, one of the longest cog train rides in the world (if not the longest). We have been to Mount Pilatus  in Lucern and  the list goes on and on….

In my opinion Jungfraujoch is the most scenic train ride in the world, so we gave up  paying USD 109.00 pp to go on the Flam train.

Many reviews on Tripadvisor (this is my favorite site regarding traveling and where I am a contributor since 2009) states that “Flam Railway” is a “tourist trap“.  Below you can see  the review that  was responsible for my choice of not riding the Flam train. At the time  I was writing this post I returned to Tripadvisor to see if there were any updates on this attraction  and in fact there were newer comments about bad experiences while there as well.  I am glad we did not go and I would like to thank the people who took the time to  write  reviews on Tripadvisor.

The review I read before traveling to Norway:

“You gotta be kidding me: expensive and nothing special”

1 of 5 starsReviewed 11 May 2013

We visited the Flam Railway in a cruiseship stopover and decided to explore Flam with the famous train. It was a big disappointment full of drawbacks:
– you can’t book tickets in advance unless you are a group of 10 or more (we were 7 people). Our cruise stopped in Flam at 8 am and dozens of people literally rushed to the train ticket office. Consequently, the tickets for the first three trains of the morning ran out within 1 hour; although we queued from the opening time, we couldn’t go take the train to Myrdal until 11.00 am.
– it’s way too expensive: 50€ for a round trip in a train that takes you up to the mountains. Right, nice views but nothing spectacular; at least, that’s what you expect when you pay such a fee for a ticket of a NON-RESERVED seat trip!!
– What you see in the train ride is pretty much what you get in any mountain-sight country: Andorra, Pyrenees, Alps (Switzerland), and isn’t by far as exciting as, for example, the train to Jungfrau in Interlaken.
Next time we visit the fjords we’d rather do some trekking with views than joining some overrated train sightseeing.

While the ship was docked in Flam we walked along the fjord.  It’s beautiful!

The public facilities in Flam regarding toilets, etc were much better than in Geiranger.

The tree has nice carvings, Flam, Norway

The tree has nice carvings, Flam, Norway

We bought this nice troll, Flam, Norway

We bought this nice troll, Flam, Norway

Tree with carving, Flam, Norway

Tree with carving, Flam, Norway

At 2 PM there was not much to see and we returned to the ship where we had lunch and waited for the departure.

When we were sailing back along the fjord we could see beautiful scenery and gorgeous landscape.

As always, the seagulls were happy to accompany the ship.

Seagull flying along Flam fjord

Seagull flying along Flam fjord

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4 Responses to 14 Nights Cruise – Iceland, Faroe Islands and Norway – Flam (part 4 of the trip)

  1. Suze says:

    I read the bad reviews too and was rather sceptical. Eventually we bought 2 tickets (about $30 per person) The train left around 13 o clock the day (with a huge cruise ship lying in the harbor). We were proabably extremely lucky because the train was only half filled when we hopped in. For the whole ride I rushed from one side to the other while we were going up. The waterfall everybody praised was not as spectacular; still worth a good picture. I say timing is the most important stuff. We were simply lucky and had a great time 🙂 I think you guys missed out on something really cool! Check out my pictures; I just finished my post on it. You’ll see it would have been cool! Greetings!


    • Hi Suze!
      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment! Yes, I checked your blog and loved it! 🙂 Congratulations!
      Beautiful pics on your trip riding Flam’s train too. In a few days I will upload some train trips we have done in Switzerland and maybe you will want to add some (or all) of them on your “bucket list”! Super scenic rides! 🙂
      Happy travels to you!
      Greetings from Canada


  2. Mila & Arlei says:

    Ola Cecilia, obrigado pelo comentario no nosso blog.
    Em relacao a sua pergunta, Oahu eh uma ilha muito linda e tem bastante coisas para fazer e ver. Passamos 6 dias na ilha e conseguimos fazer tudo o que planejamos. Se voce tiver mais tempo, vale a pena conhecer as outras ilhas.
    Abracos e aproveitem bastante a viagem de voces.
    Mila & Arlei


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