14 Nights Cruise – Iceland, Faroe Islands and Norway – Stavanger (part 5 of the trip)



We arrived in Stavanger on July 17th, 2013,  without fog and rain! Alleluia!

We did not go on the excursion organized by the ship and I am glad we did that way!

It’s very easy to spend less if you are visiting an expensive country like Norway! Try the “do it yourself”  excursion  and your wallet will like it!

When we disembarked from the ship we walked along the shore to the blue flags standing near the water (they are located close to the street market). There is the embarking point for  the boats that go along Lysefjord. We did not buy our fjord tickets over the internet, although  you can do so if you wish.  Anyway, it’s easy to buy it locally.

The company that has the fjord sightseeing boats is called Rodne.   They sell tickets to the fjord sightseeing tour by 420 NOK each. At the time I was  writing this post it was equal to USD 70.00 pp.

The ship sells the same itinerary with the very  same company by USD 109.00

If you are a couple traveling together, it represents paying 140.00 USD instead of 218 USD!

The tour along the fjord has 3 hours duration and it’s very scenic. In fact we found it  the most scenic part of Norway  that we visited during these fourteen days cruise.

After the tour along the fjord we went to walk along the city.  It’s a pretty city but again, it is not as pretty as other small European cities that we have visited in previous trips. That’s the problem of traveling a lot: our expectations are higher and we get more exigent about what we see and what we do.

Infrastructure was poor as well. No public restrooms anywhere to be seen!  The “public restroom” located at the local shopping mall charges 10NOK for access.  This is a big problem for tourists traveling with credit cards or  cash in Euro. I had no coins in NOK!

So…. if you do not have NOK and want to pee…. you must stay by the toilette’s door waiting someone getting in or off!

Hello Norway: This is a shame! You want more tourists and you don’t provide basic services to them!

I am used to beautiful Canada, and EVERYWHERE we go here we find FREE and CLEAN bathrooms!

In Canada all parks, trails, clubs, shopping centers have free TOILETTES!

Dear reader: If you want to go sightseeing to a beautiful place, with reasonable prices and with excellent  infrastructure, don’t think twice:  go to Canada.  Forget Norway!

Norway does not offer basic infrastructure and is also outrageously expensive. (ok… my opinion!)

Again, in Stavanger there were no hotspots for internet. No Starbucks as well. I found bad and weak signal by the door of the Maritime Museum. You can have a try if you are looking for free internet while visiting Stavanger / Lysefjord.

There were many flowers around the town (and some gipsies as well...). The flowers were pretty and we had a good time taking pictures of them.

From the tower you have some views of the city, but do not expect terrific views.  It’s just a place to walk around while you visit the town.

ct-stavanger (23 of 29)Stavanger tower

You can read about the beginning of this trip clicking here


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