Aspen – Long time ago

I am still in the process of organizing old pictures and bringing stories from the past together.

It’s funny to look to a place where you have been dozens of times and remember how it was before…

Aspen is one of them. We have been skiing there since… 1995? 1994? I still don’t know… need  to find more pictures and use them to help me  write a lot of stories.

One thing that I am absolutely sure is that when we were there in 1995  _ when these pictures were taken_  there were many things that were totally different from now. Let’s see:

  • Tons of colors. As you  can see, at that time it was “fashion” to use colorful clothes.  Here I am with my daughter “S” and we were wearing ski suits that we bought in Austria during a previous ski trip. Now, 2013, looking on ski magazines, I see many colors again. Are the colorful jackets coming back? Too bad I don’t have mine anymore! 🙂

Skiing wearing colorful clothes

  • Shaped skis? No! To create a carved turn at that time we had to work hard, pressing our big toe as if we were squeezing an orange!
No parabolic skis at that time

No parabolic skis at that time

  • The Cirque – If you were a regular skier at Aspen / Snowmass during the 90’s you probably remember _ and miss _  “The Cirque”, a popular après-ski bar located at Snowmass Mall, with direct access from the ski run. This was GOOD….  and I mean GOOD (caps lock). Live music, tons of people, great beer & popcorn. There was also  a  “special place”  located one floor below where the kids stayed playing with coin machines while mom & dad were having a couple of drinks after a “hard day of work” descending the mountains!
aspen-95 (6 of 8)

The Cirque: I consider this one of the best après-ski ever. Fond memories.

  • The big chair – This is one of the things that remains exactly as it was twenty years ago. I have always a smile when I am there and I see parents taking pictures of their children seating on the same chair that my children _ now adults _ sat at that time.
The big Chair - Snowmass Mall

The big Chair – Snowmass Mall

  • No “New Base Village” at that time. Ok… I pine the place as it was before the construction of the “New Base Village” , that took place a few years ago. At that time you were able to see the whole mountain when driving towards Snowmass.  Ok… “progress” _ and a lot of tourists_  were responsible for The Tree House, Capitol Peak and Hayden Peak Lodges be where they are now. Anyway… I prefer much more the way it was before.
Snowmass base, 1995

Snowmass base, 1995

  • Snowball Fight – It’s good that this remains a reality! No matter where, when and how old you are, a snowball fight will probably happen during the winter season.

Snowball flight

  • Arriving safely – This  remains the same. Parents waiting for their children to return from the slopes without any kind of injuries.  At that time it was also  good when you did not see your name on the boards near the lifts (few cell phones at that time!). There were boards where sometimes it was  written  “Mr. X please call Patrol #411”.  That was  sign of trouble. In this picture I see my elder son “M“, returning sound and save after a day hitting the slopes! By the way, he was _ and remains _ the unique snowboarder in our family, as everyone else prefer skis.

Returning sound and safe

  • She sounds of silence – This is also something that never changes, regardless time and place: The pleasure of skiing. Peace,  absence of sounds,  close contact with nature. Priceless.

The sounds of silence _ Aspen Snowmass 1995

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did remembering great moments in a gorgeous place.

Keep posted to read about places and experiences from the past __or from the present. No one knows how the inspiration for the writing will be! Can be a post telling a story that occurred 30 years ago or something that just happened! Who knows?!?  🙂

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