Day Trips around Tuscany: Montecarlo and San Gimignano

We stayed in Lucca during ten days and had a great time there. You can read where we stayed and “Lucca’s Top Attractions: clicking here.

Besides visiting the top attractions in Lucca we also went on many day trips and there were absolutely great!

Montecarlo – Located only 12 km away from Lucca, Montecarlo is a gem. The fort and village were found in 1333 and it’s very well-preserved.

While visiting Montecarlo we had lunch in a delicious place called “Picolla Enoteca”.  I highly recommend you go to this place, as they have a huge selection of splendid wines and appetizers.

Not much makes me happier in life than good company, a great glass of wine and Tuscan cured- meats & cheeses.

Not much makes me happier in life than good company, a great glass of wine and Tuscan cured- meats & cheeses.

San Gimignano – If you are visiting Tuscany there are two cities that you definitely must visit: Lucca and  San Gimignano. This is a great little day trip from  Florence or from Lucca (like we did). It  very much worth the journey!

San Gimignano is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and  also called “the town of towers’.  The views you get to the surrounding countryside are spectacular.

Like many walled medieval towns in Tuscany, San Gimignano was once used fortress in the hands of different empires.  Like Lucca, San Gimignano’s roots date back to Etruscan times (3rd century BC).  San Gimignano lies along the famous pilgrim route “Via Francigena” and was used as a resting stop when the pilgrims were traveling on their way to Rome.

San Gimignano-1

Gorgeous Piazza della Cisterna (home to the world famous geleteria!).

There are two more excellent day trips to go when visiting Tuscany and I will leave them to the next post, otherwise this one would be too long!

Don’t miss our day trips to Cinque Terre and Florence! They are the cherry on top of the cake! 🙂


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