Three days visiting Lyon

If you have read my previous post, you know we came to Lyon without any previous planning.  We were staying in a dump apartment in Uzès (advertised as a charming place to stay in the heart of the city), and  it was so awful that we could not stay during the eight days we booked. That’s why we decided to come to a large city and stay in a good hotel, in order to erase the bad memories we had while exploring the South of France.

The day was August, 24th, 2011.   We were hit by a huge storm when we were approaching Lyon.   The rain was so intense that it was hard to see three meters in front of us.   We thought about stopping at a gas station and wait the storm calm down, but we were afraid of it getting dark and it would be even more difficult to find our way around.

Where to stay in Lyon – There is nothing better than an excellent place to stay in a nice city.  If you ever go to Lyon, I highly recommend  Hilton Lyon.   This hotel is modern, adjacent to a beautiful park and with nice views to the Rhone River. There are excellent restaurants at walking distance and the hotel’s restaurant is excellent as well.

Hilton Lyon-1

After a deserved nice night of sleeping we went to explore Lyon by bike. Lyon is an amazing place to ride a bicycle as it is flat along the rivers (Rhone and Seine) and also the Old Town is bike friendly with many places where you can park and lock your bike while checking the narrow streets by foot.

Lyon is amazing!  Very clean,  very beautiful and we felt very safe there!

The Tete D’Or Park, Lyon.     It’s simply….. beautiful.  Flowers everywhere.  Fountains and gardens in excellent condition!

For those who like taking pictures of flowers the Tete D’Or Park is the place to be. The entrance is free,  there are several benches,  a big Green House containing plants from all over the world and also a zoo. Everything is free (even the zoo),  so,  if you are traveling to Lyon with children, don’t miss this opportunity to watch the animals walking freely instead staying in small cages.

Biking along the Rhone-1

Biking along the Rhone on the way to Lyon City Center

Where to eat in Lyon:

Maison Debeaux –   We found this wonderful place and  had lunch outside.  I chose canard and it was delicious!  The address is 15, Rue de La Republique.   Don’t miss it.  It is GREAT!

The service was excellent. I read people complaining about the waiters in France…  Our waiter was a sweetheart.  Very friendly and super polite!

Restaurant 33 Cité –  Food was delicious, service was courteous and the decor is contemporary and beautiful

The front facade of Hilton looks to the Rhone and the back facade looks to this beautiful park (Parc de la Tete D’Or) with many interesting sculptures inside and outside the galleries.

This super-cool bear stays in front of Lyon Convention Center.

August 26th 2011 was a “lost day”. We stayed the whole day inside the hotel.  Fortunately  Hilton is excellent so we didn’t feel confined.   The weather was awful, it was cold and rained the whole day. There was no point in going out and staying under the rain,  so we opted to have lunch at the hotel’s restaurant and stayed indoors.

Lyon-1Many wires on the street because it’s a green city and the buses move on electricity.

Lyon Bridge-1

After a rainy day stuck at the hotel, we were blessed with this gorgeous blue sky!

Passarele du Colege, Lyon-1

This is the “Passerelle du Collège“, built in 1844,  it has a very interesting history.  If you want to read about it, click here

Bridge du College:  We crossed this  bridge over the Rhone many times,  on our way from the hotel to the Old Town.

Gateway College Lyon-1

Rhone river and the bike/walking path  that goes along it.

Old Town, Lyon-1

Old Town, Lyon

Old Town, Lyon-2

If we are riding our bikes means we are happy! :)

If we are riding our bikes means we are happy! 🙂

Remember my last post about Uzès?  The woman that rented the (shit)  apartment  said to us it was forbidden to store bikes anywhere in that dump.

On the other hand…. in HILTON Lyon our bikes crossed the main hall and nobody complained! On the contrary, everyone there was very friendly and they were happy to see tourists concerned with the planet and using a green vehicle most of the time!

Biking in Lyon @ Hilton-1

By bike at Hilton Lyon

We try to leave fewer  “foot prints”!  Whenever we can we go by………… BIKE!    🙂

We left Lyon already missing it. Nice city. We will be back.

Autoroute des Titans-1

On August 28 we drove from Lyon to Grindelwald in Switzerland. The route along Autoroute des Titans is one of the most scenic drives of our lives!

If you want to see more pictures that we took while we war in Lyon,  click here and you will see our album on Flickr!

This trip to Lyon occurred in the end of August, 2011

Thanks for visiting my Blog! 🙂

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