Great travel: Going to Germany and staying by the Mosel

Mosel River Vineyards-11MOSEL

We had  excellent days traveling in Switzerland. If you want to know more about Grindelwald, Wengen, Lauterbrunnen,  Top of Europe, etc  please read my previous post.

From Grindelwald  (Switzerland) we drove to Beilstein, Germany where we  arrived on September, 6th, 2011.

We stayed at a lovely hotel by the Moselle River.  After a deep research over the Internet we made the right decision regarding “where to stay along the Moselle River” as Beilstein is undoubtedly  the best  place to stay!

We searched for the hotel on Tripadvisor and Haus Lipmann was the one with the best reviews. We made  our reservation as a “last minute”  because in reality we had already booked another hotel located in a town nearby,  but when we got there we didn’t like the place and also the owner, so we went to a parking lot and I used my mobile to search for accommodations.

That’s why I recommend  you always have a mobile phone with you when you travel!

Our arrival at Haus Lipmann was easy (thanks to our Garmin GPS).

Beilstein is a  very small town and no cars  are allowed.   The cars stay parked along the road that goes along the Moselle. To go to Haus Lipmann all you have to do is cross the street as the hotel overlooks the Moselle River!

Our room was super-hyper clean (this is a constant with German and Swiss hotels) and as soon as we dropped our luggage inside the room we went to Haus Lipmann Restaurant to drink wine and celebrate our arrival!

Mosel River-1

Hotel Lipmann in Beilstein an der Mosel

Drinking Riesling wine from the Moselle Region while staying by the Moselle.

Can something be better than this?

Mosel River-2The owner of Haus Lipmann is very friendly and speaks perfect English.   He was very kind and showed us a locked room  where we could store our bikes.

Breakfast at Haus Lipmann is a feast to the eyes and to the soul! They have everything from sparkling cold Champagne to salmon.  They also offer different options of breads, cakes and cheeses.

I can only compare their breakfast to the  K+K Hotel in London, because we simply love breakfast there!    Anyway, K+K George Hotel is a 4 stars hotel in London and cost at least 4 times more than Haus Lipmann.   So…. it was an excellent surprise to find such delicious breakfast at a 3 Stars Hotel by the Mosel!

Medieval streets at Beilstein


The main square at Beilstein.  This is a LOVELY small village!

Do not miss while visiting the Moselle region:

The most important attraction in Beilstein is the Beilstein Castle.  Beilstein once rivaled Cochem as the most powerful town on this part of the Mosel. We were rewarded with a postcard view from the top of the hill.   My dear husband was brave enough to hike to the top of its surviving tower.

Bellstein Castle-4

Burg Metternich (Beilstein Castle)

 On our way up to visit the ruins of Burg Metternich (Beilsten Castle)

Burgfalknerei Hohenbeilstein

Burgfalknerei Hohenbeilstein

Bellstein Castle-6Flowers and ruins.  Very beautiful site!

The tower of the castle can be visited.  I didn’t go all the way up, but my husband went to the top.  I took these pictures of him while he was there:

Bellstein Castle-7

Bellstein Castle-8My husband on the top of the Castle’s Tower at Beilstein by Mosel

While my husband was at the top of the tower he took this picture of me, staying at the bottom.

Bellstein Castle-9That is me!   I am  at the bottom of the Castle’s Tower.  Beilstein by Mosel, Germany.

Bellstein Castle-10

I am the “small dot”  wearing a red t-shirt at the bottom of Beilstein Castle’s tower.

Bellstein Castle-11

The hike to go all the way to the Castle is very pleasant and easy.  The views of Mosel’s  vineyards are simply… gorgeous!

Mosel River Vineyards-12

Vineyards along the Mosel viewed from Beilstein Castle

Hiking in Germany-1
Hiking all the way down the Castle Hill….

Vineyards in Germany-2Vineyards in Germany-1

From the Castle we went to walk along the vineyards. We had to be cautious as it is pretty steep there!

Grapes in Germany-1
Beautiful grapes….  Moselle Region is a wonderful place to visit!

We enjoyed biking along peaceful trails where only pedestrian and bikers were allowed.

Biking along the Mosel -5We didn’t have blue skies but the weather was very pleasant

The name of this trail is “Bike Route along the Moselle”.   Of course the German name is much more complicated than that….

Go biking along the Mosel -1
Vineyards along the Mosel-1

It is amazing to ride a bicycle on a safe trail watching the landscape and the gorgeous vineyards along the route!

Mosel Wein Strasse

Mosel Wein Strasse

Mosel Wein Strasse   –    Moselle River Road  –  Estrada ao longo do Moselle

Whatever  the language, the scenery is the same:  Gorgeous!

We went biking for many miles before crossing to the other side of the river (Senheim).

Senheim-1We crossed many small towns along the way and in some of them we went to visit and photograph ancient houses and beautiful vineyards.

Boats along the Mosel-1

There are several  boats transporting all sorts of merchandise along the Mosel.  It is quite interesting to watch them slowly cruising the calm waters of the Moselle.

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After biking during a long time we stopped at a nice restaurant where  we had a bottle of wine and many kinds of German hams. The waitress (as well as the owner I guess) didn’t speak one single word of English and… as we don’t speak German…. it was kind of “complicated” …  haha…  We had to point to other’s  people plates in order to show the food we wanted to eat! It was very funny!

This part of Germany is famous for their wonderful Rieslings!  We had wine every single day while we were there!

After one bottle of good wine and some appetizers… it was time to continue biking along the Mosel!

Manicured trails and roads.  We love Germany!

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As mentioned before, we started our day biking along the Mosel.  After many miles we crossed a bridge and cycled along the opposite margin.    To return to “our side”  of the river  we took a boat.  This boat stays in front of Beilstein and it crosses the river many times during the day.  I can’t remember the exact price we paid, but I guess it cost around € 3.00  per person, bike included.   Some people use this to cross with a car as well, because it takes less than driving all way till the next bridge and coming back again.   It was pretty cool to cross the Mosel this way,  and we had beautiful views of the town where we were staying!

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Crossing the Mosel by boat just in front of Beilstein.   We carried our bikes while we were crossing the Mosel by boat.

After such a lovely day biking along the Mosel, we had a delicious dinner at Haus Lipmann.

On the next day we went to visit Bernkastel-Kues.


On our way to Bernkastel-Kues


Bernkastel-Kues  is much bigger than Beilstein and has a lot of commerce,  ancient houses and interesting buildings.  We preferred Beilstein, for staying,  and once more we were very  happy with our choice!


Bernkastel-Kues Bridge

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Bernkastel-Kues Bridge-5

Bernkastel-Kues Bridge

After all day sightseeing we returned to our hotel where we had a delicious meal.  We had dinner at the hotel every night, not only because the food was delicious but because they had a special price for guests that were staying there.  So…  it was very convenient for us!

Restaurant by the Mosel-5

Excellent food at Haus Lipmann,  Beilstein, Germany

On the next day (Sept 9th 2011) we went to visit Cochem.

Cochem is big and was  totally packed with tourists!!!  There is nothing “special”  there…  in fact the other towns along the Mosel are much more scenic, cosy and attractive than Cochem.

I have already read this on the Internet but…  sometimes we read things and want to try just to make sure it is really “so good”   or “so bad” .  I am not saying it was “bad” …  but I don’t see many sense in walking on streets that are packed with tourists, so, you can’t take a picture of a facade because there will be always someone passing by….

I am really glad our accommodation was not located at Cochem!

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On September 10th, we went to visit Kobenz.  We have been here before with our children but this was “ages ago”  and it was during winter…  So it was time to return!

In the future I plan to look to our past pictures and add them here,  in order to compare.  It will be funny to watch our younger  faces side by side with these new ones.


Koblenz is a beautiful city with clean and pleasant streets

Wow…. it was TOUGH to find a parking spot in Koblenz!  The city was holding a flower festival, or something like that, and there were hundreds of tourists there!  It was super-super crowded!


Deutch’s Eck  –    The Corner of Germany

This is Koblenz ’s main attraction:  The place where the waters of Mosel River and  Rhine River meet.  Looks like we are on  a ship, but we are not.  This is the square where you can see the waters of both rivers.   It is called Deutsches Eck, or the “corner of Germany.”

Deutsches Eck,-10

Sunny day in Koblenz

Koblenz by bike-5
Rhine River and Mosel River-1

Rhine River or Mosel River?  I guess this one is the Rhine…

Koblenz in summer-5

Koblenz:  Lovely town in Germany

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Koblenz in summer by bike-5

We had lunch in Koblenz, with our bikes parked by our side.   It is a cool idea to travel with our bikes because we can get to know a place in much less time them walking everywhere!

Koblenz Jet Ski-5

Before leaving Koblenz we saw a jet-ski competition on the waters of the Rhine.  Although it was summer… I bet the water was really cold there!

When we returned to “our”  town (Beilstein)  there were a lot  of tourists there!  Many bands where playing music on the streets and the Germans usually  get really excited with music and beer!

Music in Beilstein-5

It was Saturday night and people were singing and dancing along the square!  Very funny to watch!

Someone  must have been drinking too much because while we were having dinner we heard an ambulance and went to check on it (as everybody else did).  A guy probably was too drunk that went on an alcoholic coma.

Although the streets are very narrow and no cars are allowed, the ambulance went all way through just to rescue the guy.  After that,  the music went lower and we could finish our dinner with more peace of mind to  our ears!    🙂

Dessert in Beilstein-5

This is one (of the many) desserts we ate on our last dinner there!

On Sunday, September, 11th, 2011  we left our lovely hotel in Beilstein and drove  to Brussels.  Our new destinationI: Brugges!

Read the next post and you will be going to Brugges with us!

If you want to see more pictures of the Mosel Region,  please visit our gallery on Flickr clicking here

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