The best physiotherapist in Ottawa

If you  live in Ottawa and need an excellent physiotherapist, you are lucky!

The best physiotherapist in the world is moving to Ottawa.

I live in Vancouver and I have been treated by Duane Brousmiche during the past ten months, after a skiing accident where I torn my ACL, MCL and meniscus. This injure is called “the terrible triad” and I can confirm the nickname, as it is really terrible.

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After paying for a private MRI and listening to a specialist here in Vancouver, I went to my native country, Brazil, in order to have a second opinion.  

Brazilian orthopedic surgeons are well-known for being extremely good professionals, with a lot of practice, specially regarding knees, due to Brazil’s sport tradition, where soccer is responsible for many injuries along athletes and amateurs players.

I went to  a very well-known orthopedic surgeon in Rio de Janeiro and he said to me:  “Better to have surgery done only in the meniscus because  to reconstruct ACL and MCL it would be necessary to get material from the other leg, and I can’t predict the results will be 100% satisfactory”.    The doctor in Canada didn’t give me the whole speech, but he said “let’s have the meniscus done”.

I went to several Physiotherapists in Rio and Vancouver until I found Duane.

In my opinion, there’s no one better than him.

Besides being extremely competent, Duane  listens to the patient, he understands the feelings/ suffering  and he treats accordingly.

My surgery went well and I learned from my doctor that the meniscus was flipped (bucket handle tear) and had to be removed.

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Today, ten months after surgery, I have zero instability, I can walk without a limp, I can bike for 30km without pain and I am dreaming about skiing again in the future.  Duane Brousmiche is responsible for this great achievement.

My recipe to feel so good:  I never missed an appointment with Duane and I repeated at home all exercises  prescribed as “homework”.

I got the news (sad for me) that Duane is moving to Ottawa by the end of this month in order to get closer to his family.

If you live in Ottawa area and need an excellent, extremely qualified physiotherapist, look no further:  Call Duane and I am sure he will perform in you the same miracle he performed in me.

Go to his  Linkedin profile in case you want to have a look at his credentials.

I wouldn’t be walking and biking without his great care.

after knee surgery-1

That’s me now after being treated by Duane Brousmiche



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