72 hours in Tofino

Spring and summer are perfect seasons to visit Tofino, a pretty small town located on Vancouver Island.

We have been there before and on this article you may find information about “how to get there” and also some top activities.

This time we didn’t go on a  whale watching cruise because we just did one a few days ago. You may read about it clicking here.

We did the following activities in Tofino:


As usual, we carried our bikes by car. I have a modified model (had an electric BionX system added after having my knee torn while skiing last year).

We cycled the paved path that goes parallel to the Pacific Rim Highway. The trail starts in Tofino Centre and goes to the Tourist Information Office. It’s a very nice ride, almost flat and suitable to all ages, including small children.

We also biked on sand, along Cox Bay and loved it! The sand is very firm and it’s a real delight to cycle there. We don’t know if it’s permitted or prohibited to bike on the sand, but we didn’t see any signs prohibiting it and we also saw a few people doing the same with fat wheels on their bikes.

Biking on sand

Biking on sand

Walking on Trails and Boardwalks:

South Beach Trail:  We walked the scenic South Beach Trail. This trail is 1.5km long and starts behind the Kwisitis Visitor Center.


Kwisitis Visitor Center.

There is a big parking lot  but please don’t forget to buy your visitor pass! All parking lots have machines selling passes. You pay for each passenger and leave the tickets on the dashboard while walking on the trails. After buying the pass in one of the parking lots you can use the same pass to visit other parks, during the validity of the ticket (minimum is 24 hours and maximum I am not sure, but I guess it is for one week).

Tofino Permits

Don’t forget to buy your permit to visit the parks and trails

I highly recommend you visit the Kwisitis Visitor Center before going on the trail. The entrance is free and this facility is very beautiful, with an excellent display of whales and how was the life of the First Nations who lived there. The way they hunt whales is very impressive. In my opinion, this is a must see attraction while visiting Tofino.


Kwisitis Visitor Center

South Beach and Wickaninnish Beaches are pretty and we enjoyed to walk along the logs while admiring huts made with logs.

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Florencia Bay: From South Beach parking lot we drove to Frorencia Bay parking lot and visited the bay. Nuu-chah-nulth trail links South Beach to Florencia Bay but we didn’t go all the way on this one,  as it is 2.5km each way and tougher to walk than the ones with a boardwalk.

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When we arrived at Florencia Bay we walked part of the trails there,  and also went all the way down,  through the stairs,  to walk along the beach.

Rainforest Trail: There are two loops of this trail, each of them on one side of the road. Both are gorgeous!!! Each loop is 1km long and explore an old grown forest. Loop A explore an ancient rainforest with many signs educating us about the life of the trees. Some of them are 500 years old!


Rainforest Trail, Loop A

Loop B is also 1km long and we noticed it’s a forest that is younger than the one across the road. The site was a plantation and the forest started from seeds coming form the old forest. Very interesting to see the differences and imagine this “new forest” in the next 100; 200 years!


Rainforest Trail, Loop B

Tonquin Trail: This trail is located downtown Tofino and it’s a very nice one to go by the end of the day, just before dinner and before watching the magical sunset by the pier.


All beaches in Tofino are gorgeous, regardless your choice. We went to Chesterman Beach (one of the best beaches in Tofino in our opinion), also to Cox Bay, Wickaninnish Beach and Florencia Bay.

We had a great time at Incinerator Rock, a great beach with super easy access.

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No additions or new restaurants since our previous visit, so we stick with our favorites and repeated Sobo (the best restaurant in Tofino) 4 times!  🙂

Our Tofino selection regarding food is:


Common Loaf Bake Shop –  located on 180 1 St.   They serve delicious breakfast from 7AM. They also have lunch but we didn’t taste it. We went there everyday for breakfast and loved it.


Common Loaf Bake Shop


Wildside Grill – When biking along the Pacific Rim Highway we love to come here for fresh fish and affordable prices.


Wildside Grill

Sobo –  This is our number one option for lunch, specially on the tables located at the veranda on the back part of the restaurant. They serve delicious lunch menu and our preferred beer _ Phillips Blue Buck in the correct temperature.  I can’t tell about the desires  or I will stop writing and will go there again, right now!  The Key Lime Pie is to die for!


Sobo, Sobo, Sobo!  Do I need to say again? Sobo.

Sobo is, for sure, the best restaurant in Tofino.  They don’t accept reservations, so… arrive early or after 8.30Pm or…. wait a few minutes.  It deserves it.  Everything is wonderful there and the seafood dish is like a dish made by the Gods. Delicious…. super fresh and with giant clams!

Sobo address: 311 Neil Street (@ 1st St)


Best restaurant having the best beer. Just before dinner.

Ice Cream:

There are two great places we love to go and always repeat:  One, located  downtown on Campbell Street called Sugar Shack and the other, located on Pacific Rim Highway called Chocolate Tofino. Both are awesome and you should try both and leave a comment telling me which one is your favorite! 😀 



Don’t miss Tofino’s sunset!  We just returned from a trip to Croatia where we visited Zadar.  Zadar is famous for having “the best sunset in te world”.  Ok… it’s pretty, really pretty. But…. the sunsets in Tofino are much much prettier!   Anyway, if you want to read about our trip to Croatia, please click here and check Zadar.

So… if you are in the USA or in Canada and want to see the best sunset in the world, you don’t need to fly across the Atlantic! Buy your BC Ferries’ tickets and go to Tofino. You will see what I mean!

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Also more pictures of this tip on my Flickr Gallery! See you there! 😀

Happy travels and drop me a line! I love getting comments and opinions! 😀

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