Best Brazilian Cuisine in Vancouver

Brazilian cuisine is famous for being delicious. Everyone who travels to Brazil go back home talking about it.

The food prepared in Brazil has influences from Portugal, Africa, India and Italy, among others, with these four countries being the ones easily perceived. Many ingredients used nowadays  were already used by local tribes during the time Portuguese accidentally discovered Brazil while trying to reach India.  The Portuguese cuisine, also rich in flavors, was complimented by local ingredients, making the Brazilian Cuisine one of the best typical cuisines in the world.

It was a great pleasure to discover that two talented chefs _ Marcelo & Caíco _ are creating Brazilian dinners once a month in a simple but cozy place in Vancouver,  where 25 lucky guests,  in two seating,  can experience what makes Brazil so famous regarding food.

First seating is at 6pm and the second seating is at 8PM. There is ample (and free) parking as well.

The food they serve is really amazing, and it’s necessary to book  as soon as they announce the next dinner, otherwise it will be sold out.

Full house means?  Yes, you got it. Full house means that people who go once, return. So… book as soon as possible in order to have a chance to taste the best Brazilian Cuisine in Vancouver.

The last dinner happened on July 24. It was our first time there. We loved it and are already waiting the announcement for the next dinner.

Our delicious dinner was as follows:

The starter was “Escondidinho de Carne Seca”


Escondidinho de Carne Seca by Marcelo & Caíco

Main course was “Bobó de Camarão”. There were a LOT of shrimps!  Besides being tasty, the portions are generous.

Best Brazilian Cuisine in Vancouver

Best Brazilian Cuisine in Vancouver

Manjar dos Deuses in Vancouver

Manjar dos Deuses in Vancouver

For dessert (only $5), there  were two  options: “Manjar de Coco & Calda de Ameixas” and “Brigadeiro & Castanha do Pará”. Both looked delicious, but we  opted for the “Manjar”, as there was a long time we didn’t eat this delicious Brazilian dessert.  It also could be called “Manjar from the Gods”. Delicious! Really delicious! I must add the prices they practice are reasonable, making the whole experience affordable for everyone.

If you live in Vancouver, or are just visiting this amazing city, make sure to book your seat with Marcelo & Caíco.  You will taste delicious food, and also… the best Brazilian Cuisine in Vancouver.

Check their Facebook page. There you can get in touch and make reservations for their next dinner:

Here is their Instagram page:

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