Joffre Lakes for seniors & kids

An excellent day trip from Vancouver is Joffre Lakes. The name gets a plural (lakes instead of lake) because in reality there are three lakes, located in different altitudes: Lower, Middle and Upper Joffre Lakes.All of them are glacier lakes, which responds for their deep turquoise blue waters.

If you are visiting Vancouver and would like to see postcard famous turquoise lakes common in the Canadian Rockies,  but you don’t have enough time to travel to Lake Louise, Banff, etc, make it simple and drive to Joffre Lakes instead.

How to get there:

From Vancouver it’s only 180 KM driving a long the super scenic Sea to Sky Highway (Highway 99 North).

On the way you will see the beautiful Green Lake where you can stop for pictures.

Green Lake-1

Green Lake

Green Lake-2

Green Lake

Green Lake-3

Green River

The next scenic stop, where you can stretch your legs and enjoy the views is “One Mile Lake”. There’s a parking lot, toilets and short trails through the ancient forest.

One Mile-1

One Mile Lake Park

One Mile-2

One Mile Lake Park

One Mile-3

Trail by the lake

By this time you will probably be speechless appreciating the landscape. Hold your breath because it gets even better!

The road will turn into a zigzag driving going up, and soon you will spot the sign “Joffre Lakes”. That’s it! You’ve arrived!

Joffre Sign-1

Joffre Lakes Parking Lot

Lower Lake is only five minutes walking from the parking lot, on a very easy and almost flat trail. You can take your parents, grand-parents and kids and everyone will have a lot of fun there. Walking from the parking lot to the lake is a breeze!

As for the Middle and Upper Lakes… it’s a different story. You will have to be an experienced hiker and have all hiking supplies, etc. I have never been to both of them and if you are interested in this serious hiking you will find other articles on the web about them. I’m sorry I can’t help you with “advanced hiking tips”.

When to go:

I recommend you go between the beginning of May to the end of September.

What to take:

Take your camera (there are amazing photo opportunities there), inset repellent, water, a whistle and a bell (to keep bears away). In case you have a real fear of bears, you might want to take bear spray as well.

Where to Eat:

After visiting Lower Joffre Lake, I recommend you drive back through Highway 99 and when you see signs for “Pemberton”, go there. It’s a small village with different options for lunch. We had a delicious meal there with very reasonable prices. Another option you might want to consider is stop at Whistler Village and have your meal there.


Lunch at Pemberton Village

Enjoy your day! It’s a super pretty region that makes a great day tripper from Vancouver!

If you want to add your travel experience there, please feel free to use the comments section below. Thank you and happy travels! 🙂



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