New York tips for visitors who have been there many times

We love New York, the city that never sleeps and it is always a pleasure to return there. The main advantage of not being a first or second time visitor, is that there’s no “need” to go to all “main” attractions, like visiting top of the Empire State Building, or watching “The Phantom of the Opera” (I’ve seen it five times already!) or taking another “one thousand pictures” of Times Square.

Being a quite regular visitor give us a sense of “belonging”:  We don’t need a map and we have always a long list of “things to do”, “where to eat”, etc.

Without having the “obligation” of doing “all touristy things”, we use our time to visit new exhibitions, new restaurants and also new attractions (like the brand new HudsonYards)

This time, our visit was part of a plan to “brake” the long trip between Vancouver and  Anguilla. Staying in New York during two nights on our way to Anguilla (March 28-30) and during three nights (April 7-10) on our way back to Vancouver was a smart way of not getting tired with long flights and crazy connections and enjoy quality time in New York.

Living on the west coast makes it handy to visit Asia and Hawaii but when the destination is the Caribbean, the long flights added to connection times make a trip to a holiday destination last thirty hours! I can’t wait for the flight industry to create faster planes, like it happened with the now deceased Concorde.

One attraction is always a “must do” on our list, despite the fact that we have been there many times before: St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It feels good to return there and to say “Thanks Lord” for everything we get in our lives.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

After going to the Cathedral we went to a nice walk along Central Park. This is the kind of attraction that we have done dozens of times and I could repeat on a daily basis.   🙂

Bethesda Terrace @ Central Park

Bethesda Fountain @ Central Park

One thing that we found strange is the super-thin and super-tall buildings under construction in Manhattan, specially in the Midtown area.  They look like toothpicks, and I can’t imagine living there, specially on the top floors, during a stormy / windy day, as I guess they will probably swing. The traditional skyline is getting really different and I am not sure if I like it or not. Probably it will get more interesting after more buildings are built, but for now, with scattered single towers… hmmm… I think I prefer as it was before.


I prefer the original New York’s skyline. Just compare the view to Midtown (taken from Bethesda Fountain) to the view to the Upper West Side taken from The Reservoir. Which one do you prefer?

Hudson Yards – The great new development had just had its inauguration and it is expected to draw 65-thousand visitors each day. The structure is called “The Vessel” and is made of 154-staircases and 80-platforms, with a total number of 2500 individual stairs.

We waited on a short line, went to the top by elevators and returned using the stairs, after admiring the views and taking pictures of the neighborhood that has been changing a lot.

The Vessel @ Hudson Yards

The Vessel

The Vessel @ Hudson Yards

On top of the brand new attraction “The Vessel”

The Shed

This building is called “The Shed”, a performance hall whose retractable shell is the signature feature of the 200-thousand st ft design by architect Diller Scofidio + Renfro and Rockwell Group. The exterior is made out of waterproof material and slides from left to right. It’s located side-by-side to Hudson Yards.

In my opinion, the best way to go to Hudson Yards is to walk along the “High Line”, enjoy the scenery and arrive at Hudson Yards in a great spirits after enjoying one of the most pleasant walks in the city.

We went to Hudson Yards after walking along the “High Line” (I highly recommend this itinerary to get there!)

The area around Hudson Yards is undergoing a total “new look”.  There are several buildings under construction and in our next visit we will see a lot of new development ready.

This is a “new giant” under construction when we were there. As you can see on the above images, there’s a “new New York” ready to bloom west of 10th avenue.

Walking along the Brooklyn Bridge – Another “must do” or “must repeat” regardless of how many times you have been to the Big Apple. 🙂

Brooklyn Bridge walk

Statue of Liberty seen from the Brooklyn Bridge

Ground Zero

One World Trade Center

Calatrava’s World Trade Center Oculus

Reflecting Pool at World Trade Center (Ground Zero)


Restaurants and eateries

The Grill – Wonderful architecture, great food and excellent service. A memorable experience, for sure. One of the most beautiful dinning rooms in New York.

@ The Grill

@ The Grill

@ The Grill

Upland RestaurantThe food is incredible. The restaurant is beautiful, cozy and comfortable. Service is friendly and professional and there’s a great wine list reasonably priced and a wonderful selection of good beers as well.

AtoboyThis restaurant was inaugurated in 2017 and keeps it’s position of one of the best places to eat in New York since them. It’s for sure my favorite place to have dinner in New Your City. Laid-back atmosphere, great decor and the food comes to your table so beautifully arranged that we feel sorry to disarray it in order to eat. 🙂

@ Atoboy

@ Atoboy

Tomiño Taberna GallegaLocated in Little Italy on Grand Street, this gem of a restaurant specializes in tapas from Galicia. Delicious food, great service and live atmosphere.

@ Tomiño Taberna Gallega

Drinking Estrella Galicia @ Tomiño

Bouchon BakeryWe ate a good sandwich there after visiting Hudson Yards. It’s a brand new store located at the Hudson Yards shopping mall.


This time we went to only one Broadway show: “The Book of Mormons” and we LOVED it. It’s a must see show! Several months later, I still laugh when I remember some of the scenes.


Hilton at Avenue of Americas is our choice every time we visit Manhattan. We like the location, the views, the comfort and the great service although this time we found our bathroom very small.

Few space for toiletries this time. We had better bathrooms at Hilton before.


Hilma af Klint at the Guggenheim

The exhibition showcasing the work of Hilma af Klint was so good that I miss it even today.

Hilma af Klint @ the Guggenheim Museum

Hilma af Klint @ the Guggenheim Museum


In my opinion, a trip to New York City is not complete if you don’t go to the MOMA. That’s why I go there every single time we are in Manhattan. At the time we were there the construction work  to remodel the museum was still in progress, although it didn’t disrupt the visitor’s experience. We can’t wait to return there in order to see the “new Moma”.

Fibonacci Progression. Installation by Mario Merz

“Head of Sleeping Woman” by Picasso

“Rose II” by Isa Genzken, Sculpture Garden

We had a light lunch at Moma’s “Café 2” accompanied by a great Chardonnay.

Light meal before heading to the airport

Our visit to Moma was so good that we almost missed our flight back to Vancouver!  It was really stressful but although we got a lot of traffic we managed to get on the plane! 🙂

We highly recommend using the express bus from the airport to downtown Manhattan, as it takes the same time if you go by taxi and the price is much better.

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